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June 23, 2004

Systems Solutions Limited (SSI), the leading provider of integrated software to Canada's Independent Office Products Dealers and Ontrack Systems Limited, an Auckland new Zealand based software and services company specializing in integrating their JOBTRAK system with third-party distribution systems globally, are pleased to announce that they are partnering to deliver JOBTRAK to the North American market.  Stand-alone or integrated with SSI's distribution system JOBTRAK is the system to manage, in real-time, all aspects of the service business including customer interaction, service staff work assignment and other resources such as parts and service vehicles.

JOBTRAK is a field services logistics and customer service execution system focused on the equipment servicing industry implemented in industry groups such as:

  • Computer hardware, software & services
  • Communications, telephone/PABX and cabling systems
  • Office equipment Photocopier sales and service
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration

The JOBTRAK products provide a complete and sophisticated set of functions that enhance the operations of equipment servicing and project management organizations.  For more information on the JOBTRAK product family visit

"This relationship fits well with our Incremental Migration strategy", says Terry Kelly, President of SSI.  "Our development philosophy remains firm" he continues, "by investing in the enhancement and modernization of our core, bulletproof distribution system, rather than replacing it, and by directing significant financial resources to the development of new products such as SSIWEB, our Internet Order Entry System and integrating the great products our strategic partners like ONTRACK offer, our software never depreciates, rather it always grows, providing value for our users well into the future.  No new products to learn, no loss of historical data, no significant investment required, always the latest and greatest."

Through ongoing development, commercialization, marketing and support of this software system, ONTRACK has achieved steady revenue and customer growth in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Hong Kong and other Asia/Pacific locations.  "Partnering with SSI will extend this success into North America," says Kevin Taylor, founder of ONTRACK.

Stay tuned to our dynamic web site at for futher updates.

"KENTVALE MERCHANTS & PRO HARWARE has been a customer of SSI since 1991. Our computer system has been helping us manage our extremely varied inventory in our Country General Store, established in 1888. We started with just our main Pro Hardeare numbers in our computer system, but continue each year to add more and more. For each item, it's so helpful to see how many we've ordered in the past, how many we've sold and to whom. Unlike so many of our suppliers who sometimes complain of their computers being down for hours or even days, we've had practically no downtime with this system. I hope for many more years of great service from SSI."
Colleen (Kent) Henderson, Owner, KENTVALE MERCHANTS LTD, Your Pro Hardware
"YOUR OFFICE SOURCE is South-Western Ontario\\\'s leading commercial supplier of Office Products. We have been doing business on the web for several years with other systems. SSIWEB gives Your Office Source the ability to compete with any other web-based reseller - big or small! Customers find it extremely easy to use, place orders quickly in a variety of ways, track open orders and invoice history and keep their favorite products organized for quick ordering. I would strongly recommend SSIWEB to any other Dealer looking to make the jump to e-commerce!"
Chris Corrigan, Owner, YOUR OFFICE SOURCE
"“SSI will deliver on their promises”, says Doug Flatt, Vice-President of Flatt Stationers Inc.

When evaluating software that will run your business, most business owners probably worry if the demos will translate successfully into their business operation. Even after evaluating software and going through demo after demo, you’re never exactly sure until the system is running your business.

We signed with SSI in September and went live on February 18, 2008. The one thing I’ve been most impressed with SSI is the fact that SSI will deliver on their promises. They were up front and honest about what their product will do and what it won’t do.

SSI is backed by an experienced implementation and support team. The team can effectively translate technical jargon into easy to understand concepts. I was initially concerned that they were located over 1,500 miles away, but it hasn’t been an issue. They are quick to respond and offer solutions.

I’ve been impressed with the flexibility of the back office system. Because the software is “flag” driven, a lot of changes that would have required programming changes for other software providers only required a change of a flag in the SSI system.

One of our business philosophies is to build long-term partnerships with like-minded companies. Honesty and dependability are two attributes that are key in developing those relationships. SSI has proven through the sales and implementation process that they share those same characteristics.

Every business is a little different and SSI has the software and people that can adjust to all the nuances of each office supply dealer. I would highly recommend any dealer who is evaluating software dealers to review the SSI system and see how it can work for you. "

Doug Flatt, Vice-President, Flatt Stationers Inc.
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