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SPR Joint Marketing Program

July 16, 2008

Smyrna (GA), USA

US wholesaler SP Richards has entered into a joint marketing program with Canada-based system provider Systems Solutions (SSI).

As part of the agreement, SSI has agreed to support both existing and new features and functionality respective to SP Richards information systems technology.

“We’re pleased to add SSI to a select group of independent software providers that have demonstrated a successful track record of installations and support in our industry”, said Boyd Rice, SP Richards’ CIO.

“While every independent dealer has a myriad of choices for their system needs, there are a small number of established, commercially available systems that have the necessary features and interfaces required to be competitive in our marketplace today.

“The selection of a new operating system is a difficult decision that depends on the particular needs of each dealership. We want our dealers to have as much information as possible to assist them in making theses decisions. It is with this in mind that we have created this joint marketing program.”

SSI’s president Terry Kelly commented: “Joining SPR's list of independent software vendors is another significant step in SSI's North American expansion strategy.

“SSI is no stranger to SPR having supported their price file, web content and EDI in Canada for the past 10 years - with the integration of SPR’s enhanced web content into SSIWEB, SSI’s web store, by the fall, our offering will be complete.”

"KENTVALE MERCHANTS & PRO HARWARE has been a customer of SSI since 1991. Our computer system has been helping us manage our extremely varied inventory in our Country General Store, established in 1888. We started with just our main Pro Hardeare numbers in our computer system, but continue each year to add more and more. For each item, it's so helpful to see how many we've ordered in the past, how many we've sold and to whom. Unlike so many of our suppliers who sometimes complain of their computers being down for hours or even days, we've had practically no downtime with this system. I hope for many more years of great service from SSI."
Colleen (Kent) Henderson, Owner, KENTVALE MERCHANTS LTD, Your Pro Hardware
"For KIT OFFICE PLUS it is imperative that a software solution provider truly understand the business in which they are selling. The team at SSI continue to play a very active role in understanding our industry and its changes and how best they can enhance their product to ensure our utmost satisfaction. It continues to be a great pleasure to deal with a software provider who is truly interested in our needs and goals!"
Joanne Becker, Administrator, KIT OFFICE PLUS
"CONNORS BASICS urgently required an upgrade to their computer system in November of 2005. On recommendation from BASICS NATIONAL OFFICE we engaged SSI to convert our old system to the SSI Distribution System. In two and one half months they were able to convert our data, train our staff and effectively bring us live on the new software on February 1, 2006. Since that time it has been a pleasure dealing with their knowledgeable support staff as we continue to realize the full potential of the SSI system. We are pleased to recommend SSI to other Office Products dealers."
Jim Connors Jr, Owner, CONNORS BASICS
SPR Joint Marketing Program
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